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Production Coordinator

Location: Philadelphia, PA, United States
Job # 10912447
Date Posted: 04-27-2018
Production Coordinator 
Philadelphia, PA 19103
1 month
Monday - Friday
Pay: $12/hr. 

Job Description:
•    Supports apparel product creation and operations activities required to maintain the constant and adequate flow of merchandise from vendors and manufacturers, through the company’s distribution network, to the stores.
•    Executes Product Lifecyle Management (PLM) style setup, product purchasing, systems monitoring, tracking shipments, freight, deliveries, and transfers.
•    Manages and maintains data accuracy, throughout the product lifecycle in all system platforms: FlexPLM, SAMMS, the Source and Material Management System, Track-IT, the art tracking system, and SAP.
•    Manages the PLM style setup process, which includes assigning style numbers, color and graphic codes to the Merchandise Plan. 
•    Obtains costing information and fabric content from the margin sheet, and merchandising plan, respectively. 
•    Enters style setup data into their respective systems.
•    Creates or updates new purchase orders, and update existing orders for domestic and international factories, monitors product cost, and ensures the transmission of data are timely and accurate.
•    Collaborates with factory to confirm pricing and delivery dates.
•    Assists in troubleshooting, root-cause analysis, and resolving any purchase order (PO) interfacing issues.
•    Creates or updates Work in Progress (WIP) report to manage shipping deadlines, prioritizes orders, and escalates, if necessary, to meet demand and product launch deadlines. 
•    Reviews and processes invoices and ensure timely payment.
•    Reviews and updates/amends daily error logs and ensure PLM accuracy.
•    Reviews & approves all incoming air and ocean purchase orders bookings from freight forwarder & logistics team.
•    Sends WIPS and required shipping documents of all incoming products to the warehouse team and import specialist for customs clearance.
•    Reconciles orders, freights/shipping costs, and receipts for product. 

•    Excellent computer skills; system savvy, ERP system knowledge (how they work), organized, fantastic communication skills, urgency to get things done.
•    Mainly lots of data entry and transferring data from one system to the next. Very precise, organized person. 
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