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Esports Content Editor

Santa Monica, CA
Title: Esports Content Editor
Location: Santa Monica, CA 90404
Salary: Up to $38.00 Hourly (Weekly Pay)
Medical/Dental/Vision Benefits
1 yr. contract with the possibility of extension

Job Overview:
As an Esports Content Editor, part time, you will join Riot’s NA Esports Content team, delivering time sensitive cuts to enhance the story-telling of live and non-live content. With a keen eye for the critical aspects of competitive league played at its highest level, you will help elevate the storytelling with your timely slices and dices. In addition to fast fingers in the live environment, you will also edit weekly content segments, including teases, interview clips, podcasts, broll, and telestrator segments. You will work closely with the producing, directing, observing, and features teams to evaluate, catalog, and distribute archived footage as necessary for production.
  • An esports fan: You understand various esports and the games they’re based on. You know lolesports game-play patterns and can distinguish between various on-map actions and reactions.
  • A fan of professional competition: Whether it’s NFL, WNBA, Tennis or The National Spelling Bee, you enjoy watching different kinds of competitions and understanding the nuances that drive fans to love them
  • A team player: while you’re comfortable flying solo, you perform your best in a team environment
  • Stoked by Live: The idea of performing in the moment excites you, and you are able to deliver in a fast paced live broadcast environment.
  • A Storyteller: You’ve worked with video editing programs and enjoy crafting stories.
  • Use broadcast media systems EVS to construct story narratives.
  • Edit high quality esports footage and other videos using Final Cut Pro.
  • Discover and pitch compelling video that might otherwise go unseen by the NA Esports Content team.
  • Utilize proper procedures and naming conventions to catalog / tag footage gathered during live broadcast, including b-roll, selects, archival footage.
  • Edit short montages of gathered materials to assist production teams.
  • Be a rockstar teammate and receive and give feedback to others.
  • Proficiency with Final Cut Pro
  • Familiarity and understanding of EVS work systems
  • Availability to work when needed (weekends, overnights)
  • Familiarity with League of Legends Esports
  • Local to Los Angeles
Please send your resume in a PDF or Word format for immediate consideration.  #ZR
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